E-Track Plate (12")

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Horizontal e-track plates have slots that run perpendicular (at 90 degree angles) to the sides of the e track rail. The slots are spaced tightly together at approximate 2" intervals. Horizontal e-tracks can be mounted on the floor or bed of trailers (and LoadAll's) as well as on the walls of enclosed trailers and cargo vans.

The slots in horizontal e-track rails provide numerous tie down points for cars, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles and other cargo during transportation. When mounted on the floor of a trailer or LoadAll system the horizontal e track rails provide numerous anchor points for axle straps, d-rings and rope tie off points for ratchet straps, tie downs, and CargoBuckles. Horizontal E-track installed on the walls of a trailer gives you anchor points for cargo nets and rope tie-offs to secure equipment, spare tires or to hold objects flat against the side of a trailer wall. 


Available in 12" Plates

Accessories sold separately