V3 Installation Instructions

To aid in installing your LoadAll System, please consult your included instruction pamphlet or the following instructions for mounting hardware placement/positioning and how to adequately install your V3 LoadAll.



Installation Instructions 

1. With the tailgate closed mark the rear of the bed of your truck using a piece of masking tape - This will be the point that you measure from to begin the installation. For accuracy do this on both the left and right sides of the tailgate. 
2. Place the longer mounting bracket (50") in the rear of the truck closest to the tailgate and make certain it is centered. The holes should measure 5 inches from the mark on the masking tape, or 3 ¾ inches from the rear edge of the aluminum bracket. 
3. With the bracket in place verify that there are no obstructions underneath the truck before drilling through both holes with a 3/8” drill bit. If the holes fall on the edge of a rib you can use an 1/8” pilot drill first and then open up to 3/8”. Once drilled, place the supplied bolts through the plastic block, bracket and truck bed and use the 2 ½” x 4” thrust plate that was supplied for the underside beneath the nylock nut. (Be sure the notches on the plastic blocks face out, they are designed to fit securely over the aluminum bar to prevent twisting) 
4. For placement of the shorter (48") front mounting bar/bracket you will need to measure the length of your platform extension. The length of the extension is always in increments of 3” and you only need to be concerned with whole numbers. (if it measures 24 3/16” consider it 24”) Now add 2 ¼” to that measurement - this will be the dimension from the front of your truck bed to the front edge of the mounting bracket. For example: a 24” extension will have a dimension of 26 ¼” from the front of the truck bed to the front edge of the mounting bar.
5. Place the shorter mounting bracket centered between the wheel wells (make sure this center-line matches up with the 50" mounting bar). Carefully measure to be certain you have an accurate measurement from the hole to the front of your truck box. Most truck boxes are stamped with recessed areas or “corrugated”. In this case you must measure from the areas that protrude, not from the recessed areas.
5. Once in place, verify that there are no obstructions underneath the truck, and repeat step #3. 
6. With both brackets securely bolted the platform is ready for install. To begin, first: remove the stop bar from the front the system (the closed end to face the cab). For safety precautions it is advised another individual be there for assistance - the ramp, hinge-plate and extensions are able to be taken off to lessen the weight for an easier experience. Once in place against the blocks, gently slide the unit into the truck (use WD-40 to lube the brackets for an easier slide). Once the unit is on all the blocks, re-install the stop bar and ramp/hinge-plate/extensions.
7. Be sure to pull ramp out completely with the dolly before setting it onto the ground - failure to do so may result in damage to the dolly.
8. Keep wheel tracks clean and clear of any debris throughout the years.
 You’re all set to enjoy your new LoadAll V3 loading system.

For additional assistance, questions or concerns please contact us via email or phone: 1(877) 241-4330