Loading System Overview

LoadAll Loading Systems...

Designed and built with a desire to provide an all-in-one, durable, and safe loading ramp - the LoadAll can do just that: Load it All. We've been called "The Best Loading System on the Market" and it was earned by being able to outfit our customers and their trucks with the power to load any type of equipment in seconds - safely and easily. Our ramps are built to handle everything from motorcycles, trikes, ATVs, and snowmobiles to tractors, appliances, and even that furniture you got volunteered to move next weekend.

Why You're Here:

You've got a truck and some nice riding equipment - maybe a special edition motorcycle, a heavy duty ATV - or both! Either way, vacation is coming and you want to take your truck AND your toys. Getting that 2x4 that you've used a couple times from the backyard has worked before, but you've had some sketchy moments... The bottom line is this: yeah that board or cheap ramp you got on Ebay work alright, but is it worth it? Is it worth the scratched paint, dented gas tank, or broken leg when your ride tips off and falls back on you?

We've been there - it's not. Which is why we made LoadAll - safe, durable, and easy to use. If you can ride it, you can load it.

"LoadAll's even work with
campers & travel trailers"

Each loading ramp is designed, built, and assembled in Grand Rapids, Michigan from extruded aluminum parts with built-in traction to provide a skid-free surface able to withstand any load no matter the weather or terrain. The systems come in a variety of sizes to fit any pick-up truck make/model, short or long bed, and the best part is that it NEVER relies on your tailgate or compromises its use. LoadAll's even work with campers and travel trailers, so you tow AND haul your bike or ATV!

In general, LoadAll's outfit your truck in the best way possible, giving anyone the power and independence to load anything they desire for their next journey at a moments notice. So the question is: Which LoadAll is right for you?

System Model





Motorcycle / ATV

Trike /
Golf Cart


V3 Short Bed Ramp X X
V3 Long Bed Ramp X X
V2 Long Bed Ramp X X X
V2 Cargo Van Ramp X X
V3 Trike Expansion Ramp X X X X
V3 Mid-Size Ramp X X
V3 Snow Expansion Ramp X X X


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V3 vs. V2 - What's the Difference?

LoadAll Ramps are separated into 2 models: V2 and V3

Each model has their own perks and are available in a variety of sizes to fit almost every truck bed out there. Check out the basic similarities and differences between the V2 and V3 LoadAll systems alongside some of our competitors:



Powered Lift

Tailgate Ramps

Short Beds
No Yes Yes Yes
Long Beds
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extends Loading Platform Length
No Yes No No
Built-in Traction
Yes Yes No Yes
Ramp Extension
increases ramp length and reduces loading incline
No No
Installation Hardware





  • (4x) 1/2 in. Eyebolts
  • (4x) Patented aluminum 
    • attach to the outside of the system in the truck bed
  • (4x) 3/8 in. Hex Bolts
  • (4x) Patented slide blocks
    • attach to the interior of the system in the truck bed











Will my tailgate close?


when platform length is not extended


Will it put weight on my tailgate?
No No No Yes
Can my hitch still be used for towing campers and trailers?
Yes Yes No N/A
Can I load and transport 2 motorcycles at once?
Yes Yes No Depends on Size
Can I use it with other equipment or a two-wheeled cart/dolly?
Yes Yes No Depends on Size
Can the system be removed or reinstalled in another vehicle?
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Load Capacity
1,300 lbs. 1,300 lbs. 1,000 lbs. 1,000 -
1,500 lbs.
Unit Weight
230 lbs 220 - 240 lbs. 330 lbs. 40 - 60 lbs.
Motors or winches?
No No Yes No
From $2,400
free shipping

From $2,400
free shipping

plus shipping
$400 - $800
plus shipping


    Shipping Information

    Due to weight and size of the ramp systems ALL system shipping is accomplished through UPS LTL freight shipping. Standard freight shipping through this service for a LoadAll System results in the freight carrier delivering the shipment to the nearest loading dock location based on customer zip code. It is the responsibility of the customer to pick up their system from the loading dock's pick-up location upon arrival. To receive delivery notifications please include and email and/or phone number at checkout.

    LoadAll is able to ship to specific loading docks - Provided there is access to a loading dock and forklift/hi-lo/pallet jack are necessary and we recommend having an additional person assist with loading the system for transportation (our "lightest" system weighs in at 220 lbs. - Units are able to be sectioned apart to decrease overall weight down to 50-60 lbs. per piece.)