Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Can I still close my tailgate with a LoadAll?

YES – With LoadAll your tailgate’s use and functionality will never be compromised. Our systems are designed and built to accommodate the tailgate by keeping weight off of it and allowing it to close normally when you’re not using the system.

Do I have to take my tailgate off for a LoadAll?

NO – The tailgate can remain attached and will function the same with or without the LoadAll system. We mount the systems on heavy duty, nylatron blocks that shim the system up above the truck bed an inch, so it actually hovers above the tailgate. This keeps any and all weight off of the tailgate and never causing it to bend or buckle.

Will LoadAll work in any truck, regardless of make/model?

YES – Our team has worked to create a completely versatile system. We can make these loading systems any length or width to accommodate almost any truck bed. Our stock standard sizes have been designed for full sizes trucks and can work in any make, model or length of bed – Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Cadallac (Escalade), and more!

Do you have LoadAll options for Mid-Size trucks (i.e. Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Colorado, etc.)?

Yes – As or 2015 we have created a line of systems to fit mid-size trucks in a variety of bed lengths ranging from 5 ft. to 6.5 ft. beds.

What is the LoadAll Loading System made out of?

All systems and mounting hardware are built and locally sourced from custom and stock aluminum extrusions, stainless and zinc plated steel hardware, as well as high density plastic small parts. The decking for the ramps are extruded from a patented DIE that gives our ramps their traction. Each piece of aluminum included its own set of raised traction that makes for an aggressive grip in even the slipperiest of condition. So you can feel safe loading in the rain, snow or sun.

How does the LoadAll install?

All systems are installed using 4 bolts and mounting equipment that are drilled and bolted to the actual truck bed. This allows any weight from the loading process to be transferred back into the bed of the truck – where your payload rating is – as opposed to stressing your tailgate. Once installed, the system actually hovers above the tailgate one mounting blocks and keep the weight from your load off the tailgate, even when your equipment stretches out over it.

Can the LoadAll be removed?

YES – once installed both the short and long bed models can be easily removed in just a few minutes. The mounting equipment can also be removed easily by unscrewing the nut and bolt that holds it into position should you ever want to return your truck bed to its original state.

I might not keep this truck and will get a new one someday. Can LoadAll be re-installed into another Truck?

YES – these systems are extremely easy to work with, once you have the system and its mounting equipment you can install it into any truck you’d like. The ONLY RESTRICTION is the bed length… The longer the system, the longer the bed has to be for it to fit properly. So say you have a 6.5 ft bed and you order our 6 ft. 3 in. system BUT you upgrade next year and get a truck with a 5.5 ft bed… Based on those lengths your original LoadAll will be too long for that new truck. Other than the size restriction, it can be re-installed in another truck.

I have a bed cover – can I still use it with a LoadAll installed?

YES – Bed covers do not affect LoadAll’s, be it soft shelled, hard, hydraulic, or a cap the system can be installed and remain installed with the use of any bed cover.

Will LoadAll work with a motorcycle?

YES – these ramps were built with motorcycles and riding equipment in mind so motorcycle riders are our best customers. A lot of riders think you’re not a real “biker” if you transport your bike with your truck, but we don’t see it that way… we’re giving you the power and independence to take your favorite ride and your truck with you wherever you go. Whether it’s a weekend getaway with friends or an extended vacation with the family you should have the option to ALWAYS take your bike.

Can I load and transport 2 motorcycles with LoadAll?

YES – two motorcycles are able to fit on the Platform of the LoadAll, there’s even enough room to fit two wheel chocks for each bike! Each must be loaded up the ramp separately, once loaded simply turn off to the side and stagger your handlebars to make room for the two motorcycles. E-Trac can even be added to your system to provide a convenient tie down anchor between the two bikes to provide stability and security when transporting.

Will LoadAll work with a four wheeler/ATV?

YES – while motorcycles are the most popular loaded item for our ramps, ATVs come in close behind. These systems work great for hauling smaller ATVs and even larger hunting quads. Depending on your wheelbase and width of your ride you have the option of our standard system or our expansion series that is able to accommodate wider wheelbases (50 inches or more)

Will LoadAll work with a Mo-Ped?

YES – same principles as a motorcycle.

Will LoadAll work with a Snowmobile?

YES – we provide a special edition system for snowmobiles that include Caliber Plastic Grip-Glides that help sleds/skis get up the ramp securely and descend easily without catching on any metal. The plastic glides for the ski’s of your snowmobile even have tred grips that can be used with an ATV as well!

Will LoadAll work for a Trike?

YES – our Trike Expansion Ramp was designed and built to cater to three-wheeled motorcycles. The ramp itself EXPANDS in width to give riders enough room for those larger back tires to get you up and in your truck without too much hassle. We even outfitted it with custom extension outriggers that clip on the bottom of the ramp to provide clearance for low hanging tailpipes or other custom features that could potentially be scratched or dented from ascending up a ramp. Some companies don’t take this into consideration, which can result in a busted tailpipe pretty quick. Others ask you purchase separate items to add clearance – here at LoadAll it’s included.

Will LoadAll work for a Can-Am Spyder?

NO – sadly this is the one ride we’re unable to accommodate at this time. Due to its large wheelbase at the front of the ride our ramps are not able to load them. This is a hurdle we hope to overcome in the coming years.


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