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The Ultimate Tie Down Bundle Pack available from InnerBox Loading Systems. featuring CargoBuckle's retracting tie-down straps bolt to your trailer and simplify the securing and unloading of your cargo. They have a self-retracting design, so there is constant tension on the strap and minimal ratcheting is required to secure your load. Dual safety locks keep the ratchet arm in the open or closed position, so the ratchet will not loosen or tighten up until you want it to.

Instead of always having to find and store tie-down straps that hook to the anchor points on your trailer, you'll always find CargoBuckle straps right where you need them. Just pull up on the hook and strap, attach the hook to your cargo, and then operate the ratchet a few times. No more searching for a tie-down strap or dealing with extra webbing that flaps in the wind. And when you're ready to unload simply push the release lever on the ratchet, free the hook from your cargo, and let the strap retract back down into the ratchet housing.

This Bundle Pack offered by InnerBox Loading Includes the following:

This Bundle makes the perfect starter pack for those looking to secure their gear in the best and safest way possible. These CargoBuckle's and included accessories are great for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, trikes, moving equipment, furniture, appliances and more.


Product Detail:

  • Heavy-duty, bolt-on tie-downs let you secure cargo in your truck bed, LoadAll or trailer
    • Can be permanently mounted to flat surface with included hardware
  • Self-retracting straps automatically wind up into built-in housing
    • Maintains constant tension on straps for minimal ratcheting when tightening
    • Keeps straps neatly stowed when they're not in use
  • Ratchet mechanisms make it easy to tighten and maintain tension
    • Wide, rubber-coated SUR-Grip handles are easy to hold and operate
    • Dual safety locks
  • Push-to-release levers quickly and easily loosen straps when you're ready to unload
  • Vinyl-coated steel S-hooks help protect your cargo from scuffs and scratches
  • Durable construction offers long-lasting performance
    • Corrosion-resistant steel body
    • Seat-belt-quality polyester webbing
    • Sturdy plastic housing and stainless steel spring
  • 2 inch CargoBuckle Instructions

Product Specs:

  • Strap dimensions: 2" W x 6' L
  • Safe working load limit (WLL): 1,167 lbs
  • Maximum load (break strength): 3,500 lbs
  • Quantity: 4 ratchet straps with S-Hooks

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