Barry's Review Update (2,000+ miles later)

Barry's Review Update (2,000+ miles later)

Vehicle: Ford F150 4x4
System: V3 Short Bed Bundle Pack (5 ft. 5 in.)
Uses: Motorcycle (Harley Davidson Ultra Limited), Towing behind Motorhome




I tow the pickup truck behind our 43’ motorhome, and have towed this over two thousand miles in the last few weeks. The ramp works perfectly, and exactly as advertised and as shown in the videos. My only request or enhancement recommendation would be to incorporate some sort of mechanism or ramp lock that reduces or eliminates the banging noise of the internal ramp slider when driving the truck... As you can see in the pictures, I use a styrofoam pool noodle stuffed between the tailgate and the lower portion of the ramp. This reduces the tendency of the tailgate to bump up and down against the underside of the ramp [when driving]. 

I have also installed the Condor wheel chock I purchased from you and am using the quick-release bracket. When the motorcycle is not loaded and I want to close the tailgate and deploy my roll-up tonneau cover I remove the chock, fold it flat and store it inside the bed. 

The ramp was easily installed with occasional help from my wife. It is almost a 1-person job. Loading my 900 lb. Ultra Limited is very easy, especially with the Condor wheel chock. I have had A LOT of interest from other riders at the various RV resorts we’ve stayed at, and I’ve given out the LoadAll name to everyone I’ve spoken to... I have become the envy of all my motorcycle-riding buddies, and loading or unloading my bike usually generates quite the crowd! 

Thanks very much for all of your assistance, and for a great product.

-Barry M.

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Hey Paul love the pics and details about the ramp. Still waiting for a return rehab for my 2012 tri glide for a 2008 Ford f-150. Thanks.


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