Don't waste your money on the other loading systems

Don't waste your money on the other loading systems

I'm 65 years old and have loaded motorcycles, atv, golf carts all my life I've used boards, ditches, tailgate ramps, trailers and in the recent years I even paid 3 thousand for one of them power lifts And it was a nightmare! always getting binded up the motor went out once while my bike was in the air and came crashing down. When I found the loadall ramp in Sturgis I was hesitant to buy at first until I went home did some research and could not find ONE bad review on it. The next month I called up paul talked to him and he assured me this ramp will be the last one id buy.

 I bought the loadall and wow I wish I would of had this ramp 20 years ago I've loaded in the rain, sleet, snow you name it and never once did this ramp make me feel unsafe! the loadall ramp is truly the safest and easiest loading system on the market! Don't waist your money on them other loading systems buy once and it will last a life time!



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Thank you for the information I just bought one. ill make sure to send in a review also


Bob, I made the same mistake! bought a powered Rampage ramp and OH MY was that a nightmare! this loadall ramp is so much better than anything ive ever used!! I highly recommend this ramp


I’ve always wanted one so it is good


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