For Motorcycles and Mum's!

For Motorcycles and Mum's!

Truck: Dodge Ram 1500, 5' 7" Bed
System: V3-550
Uses: Motorcycle and Motorized Scooter




I recently bought a new 1500 Ram, being from the UK I had no idea what products were available so carried out a lot of Internet research - the Loadall V3 came out on top, the buying experience and support has been great and the product arrived quickly via air freight services in perfect conditions and was every bit the quality item I had hoped it would be.

Installation was very easy and completed in under an hour by two average mechanically skilled individuals.

So in summary a great product that is well supported by great customer service and one that is equally a valid choice for international clients.

Rather than send you more pics of a Bike system, albeit a Ducati rather than a Harley, I thought I would send you some images of how I also use the system, to help my 78 year old Mum get around [with her off-road motorized scooter]

-Tony P.
Great Britain, United Kingdom

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