"Greatly increased our travel range..."

"Greatly increased our travel range..."



We recently purchased and installed a LoadAll V3 into our new 2015 Tundra.  Installation was pretty easy, only drilling 4 holes in the truck bed.  We opted to add an air bag suspension to the truck to support the weight of two full size Yamaha cruisers. It took some careful measuring and an afternoon of experimenting but we can now easily load both bikes into the truck.  We determined that moving the second bike back about 10" keeps handlebars from touching and allows a better fit while keeping the rear tire on the LoadAll unit.

We recently hauled the bikes 1,000 miles to Washington state where we spent a week riding the Olympic Peninsula and Cascade mountains before loading up and driving 1,000 miles home.  This LoadAll ramp system has greatly increased our travel range with the bikes as we are not fans of long, multi-day freeway endurance rides to get to/from our riding destinations.  An added bonus will be to use the ramp with the optional work table leg kit to elevate a motorcycle for maintenance work without needing to purchase a lift.  We are fans of your product and appreciate the time you took to answer our questions and provide advise on how to install and use the LoadAll system.


- Don & Tracey Carter

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