Custom V2 with Goose Neck Access

Custom V2 with Goose Neck Access

I love the ramp.  It is so handy to have the goose neck opening with a cover so I can use it for my 3 wheeled riding lawnmower.  Thanks so much for designing this unit and I hope others like it as much.  It gives you so many options like putting a sun umbrella through the opening in the ramp while it is being used as an extended table with the table legs.  It makes a great covered table area out at the race track.



Bob Young


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Hey Rodney,

Glad you like the ramp! There’s actually built in traction along the ramp and platform so even if it’s raining, snowing or your tires are wet you can still safely load up motorcycles or ATVs! Just check out our “Wet Ramp” video:

That Sharkkage Ramp is pretty nice and versatile, but some of the cons that come with a ramp like that has are:
1) Its relying primarily on your tailgate to load up your equipment (Our ramps DO NOT and transfer all weight and stress into the bed)
2) You have a fold-able ramp contraption to deal with once you have your equipment loaded (our Ramps slide into a platform that your ride is loaded onto, taking less than a minute to store – we’ve timed it!)

Its a cheap solution to the same problem of loading up riding equipment, but the lifespan of a fold-able ramp like that is questionable… We can assure you though that a LoadAll will be the last ramp you ever buy or will need.


Well made ramp. Loading my atv or two of my by bikes would be hassle free. I wonder if the road was wet, does the wheel won’t slip off the ramp? I found this ramp here and it interesting too.

Rodney Spraggins

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