Lockstraps Locking Tie-Down

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Quality Tie Down + Theft Security = Peace of Mind!

A quality tie-downand combination lock come together to create the ultimate security system for equipment in power-sporting, marine, equestrian, medical, mechanics and more!

Each Lockstrap tie down measures 8.5 feet long and come with a built-in soft-tie extensions to prevent scratching. Inside the webbing are 8 braided steel cables running the full length of the strap, with hardened steel combination locking carabiners at either end, each able to be personalized with their own unique 3 digit code.

Product Specifications:

  • Locking Tie Down System
  • 8.5 feet long
  • 2 hardened steel combination locking carabiners
    • Customizable 3 digit code
  • 8 braided stainless steel cables inside strap
  • Galvanized steel rivets