Mini 1 Inch CargoBuckle Retractable Tie-Downs (2 Pack)

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The 1 inch CargoBuckle G2 retractable ratchet tie-downs takes the hassle out of securing . The longer, heavier web enables you to tie down more equipment in more applications, conveniently and securely. The self-retracting web can reach up to six feet and is made of seat-belt-quality, polyester web. Just hook, ratchet and go. The CargoBuckle can be permanently mounted with one bolt on a trailer, toy hauler, cargo rack, lift, truck, ladder rack and in various other applications. Optional adapters are available to enable mobility.

CargoBuckle Brand Tie-Down Systems offer high quality, innovative solutions for securing and towing gear in the powersports, automotive, hardware, material handling and assisted living markets. From innovative retractable tie-down systems to custom strap assemblies, CargoBuckle products provide the utmost in durability and convenience.

Optional Attachments:
S-Hooks, Floor Mounts, & E-Trac Adapters

For added versatility and convenience, the CargoBuckle Mini G3 with Dual S-Hooks offers an attached vinyl-coated S-hook with keeper to provide an easy hook-up for any non-permanent mounting at a great price! Floor Mounts and E-Trac Adapters are also available for added convenience.




  • 1" x 72" Polyester Webbing 
  • Breaking Strength: 1,400 lbs.
  • Sold in Pairs

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