Endless Ratchet Strap - 8 Feet

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An endless ratchet strap, also known as an “endless loop ratchet strap” or simply “endless straps,” is a variation of a traditional ratchet strap, but without hooks or other fittings on the end.

Endless ratchet straps are designed to secure items bundled together, attach cargo to pallets, secure crates closed, and more importantly secure equipment to LoadAll's. Traditional ratchets have end fittings that must be hooked together, which can be cumbersome and not entirely secure. With endless ratchet tie downs like these, the strap is wrapped around the item to be secured, and then fed back in through the ratchet and tightened to secure. 

The 1½"  Endless Ratchet Strap is an alternative to our standard Tie-Downs, when you need a shorter strap or for custom anchoring applications. Can be adjusted to as short as 6" for really tight applications and can fit in those tight spots where hooks can't!


  • 1½" wide Heavy-Duty Ratchet
  • 6,000 lb. test nylon webbing
  • Double Security Stitching
  • 1000 lb. rated assembly
  • Measures 8 feet in length
  • Sold in pairs