slightly used - V3 Short Bed Loading Ramp (5ft. 9in.)

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The ramp includes a Limited 2 Year Warranty to cover manufacture defects. Minimal physical wear & tear exist due due to limited use and all functionality has been tested and approved for customer use.


 The ramp section of this system was traded in for a trike ramp. So half of the system and components are brand new!


The V3 Series from LoadAll offers you the most versatile, self-storing, skid free ramp for your pick-up - giving you the ability to load anything from motorcycles and ATV's to appliances, furniture and anything else you can haul up its ramp, in a matter of seconds.

This V3 model offers a seamless fit for trucks with an 6.5/6ft short bed . The system is installed on engineered mounting blocks that enable the system to slide out past the tailgate for a Platform Extension to unfold near the cab, extending the length of the platform to 92 inches in length! This gives you a massive, skid-free surface for loading and because it's a LoadAll all of the weight during loading and transportation will never rely on the tailgate and will always be transferred back into the truck bed. When not in use, simply fold the Platform Extension back into its stored position and slide the system back in towards the cab to close your tailgate.

Along with the Platform Extension, all V3 models come standard with a Ramp Extension giving you an extra 44" of ramp to decrease the incline for an easier loading experience. completely skid free for safe, easy loading in any weather or terrain.

All systems are built from lightweight extruded aluminum with built-in traction and are able to be sectioned to decrease weight for an easier installation/de-installation process. The tailgate is never compromised while loading or transporting and will close when not in use. 

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions:
    • Extended Platform Length: almost 92 inches
  • 1,300 lb. Weight Capacity
  • For Short Bed Trucks (5.9. Minimum Bed Length)
  • Installed on Slide Mounts to extend Bed Length 
  • Installation Point behind tailgate
  • Never rely's on or puts weight on tailgate
  • Tailgate able to close during storage or when Platform Extension is not in use
  • Allows for hitch access to towing
  • Can be removed at anytime  


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