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The V3 Short Bed series by LoadAll combines the convenience of a versatile loading system with LoadAll's exclusive V3 Extension engineering to give short bed pick-up owners the loading capabilities of a long bed without forfeiting their tailgate or short bed box. This is accomplished with the Platform Extension, which is included with any V3 loading system.

The Platform Extension allows the whole system to store in the truck bed with the tailgate closed. When the Ramp is needed the entire system actually slides out on a custom mounting system over (not on) the tailgate - the Mounting System is installed prior to use and is what secures the system in place inside the truck bed (requires 4 bolts - included with purchases). Once pulled out a Platform Extension can be unfolded near the cab to increase the Platform's overall length, giving a short bed truck the loading length of a long bed, without compromising or putting weight on the tailgate .

Along with the Platform Extension, all V3 models come standard with a Ramp Extension giving you an extra 44" of length at the end of the Ramp to decrease the overall incline for a safe, easy loading experience. 

All systems are built from lightweight extruded aluminum with built-in traction and are able to be sectioned to decrease its overall weight for an easier installation/de-installation process. The tailgate is never compromised while loading or transporting and will close when not in use. 



  • 1,300 lb. weight capacity
  • Installed on Mounting System to extend bed length
  • Never rely's on or puts weight on tailgate
  • Tailgate able to close when Platform Extension is not in use
  • Does not affect use of tailgate, bed liners, covers, or caps
  • Maintains hitch access and trailer/travel trailer towing capabilities
  • Can be removed and re-installed in another truck at any time
  • To tow a camper with our system most of the time you will have to remove your tailgate so it does not interfere. Also take a measurement from behind the cab to the center of your towing ball and add that in the note section so we can be sure to have a perfect fit for you!


This system is 44 in. Wide.

System Size Minimum Bed Length System Length

Extended Length*

V3-500 5 feet 0.5 inches 60.5 in. 87 in.
V3-500 5 ft. 05 in 60.5 in. 87 in.


Ramp Dimensions:

System Size Minimum Bed Length Ramp width

V3-500 5 feet 0.5 in. 39.5 in.
V3-500 5 ft. 0.5 in with expansion ramp 44 in.

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