Work Table Ramp Support Legs

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Need to do some work on your bike, ATV or other large equipment and are sick of sitting on that stool or the ground hunched over for hours on end? Then use your LoadAll! These powdered coated steel support legs bring any LoadAll Ramp up and supports it like a table. They slide in the LoadAll Ramp's end the same way as the Ramp Extension legs do, but are about 4 times its height, which brings the Ramp up level at the perfect height to adequately work on your equipment without straining yourself. 

To set them up, simply load your equipment using the LoadAll like normal. Once its in the truck bed, simply replace the standard Ramp Extension Legs with these Table Legs to bring the Ramp up level. Each pair include a set of adjustable feet that can be used to properly level and secure the Ramp and Legs in place. Once set up all you need to do is back the equipment onto the Ramp/Table and you are good to go.


One size fits all LoadAll's 2011 and newer