Lockstraps Locking Cable Strap - 2 Foot

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Quality Tie Down + Theft Security = Peace of Mind!

A quality strap and combination lock come together to create the ultimate security system for equipment in power-sporting, marine, equestrian, medical, mechanics and more!

Each Lockstrap measures 2 feet long with 8 braided steel cables running the full length of the strap. At one end a hardened steel combination locking carabiners is riveted in place with a built-in loop at the other for easy attachment. The locking carabiner can be personalized with a unique 3 digit code that can be changed if desired.

These Lockstraps are perfect for securing road and mountain bikes as well as accessories for motorcycles and power sporting equipment. Lock multiple helmets, bags, jackets and other items securely to avoid theft and offer some peace of mind when leaving belongings unattended. 


Product Specifications:

  • Locking Tie Down Srap
  • 2 feet long
  • 1 hardened steel combination locking carabiner
    • Customizable 3 digit code
  • 8 braided stainless steel cables inside strap
  • Galvanized steel rivets
  • Built-in anchor loop


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