G3 CargoBuckle 2" S-Hook Adaptor (2 Pack)

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These heavy-duty adapter straps with S-hooks let you attach your CargoBuckle retractable ratchets to other tie-down anchors, maximizing your holding capacity.

Rated at 3,500 lbs. breaking strength


  • Adapts your CargoBuckle retractable ratchet straps for use with standard tie-down points
    • Makes tie-down straps movable and more versatile
    • Keeps you from having to permanently bolt straps or ratchets to your truck bed or trailer
    • Lets you hook your straps to D-rings or other anchor points
  • Bolts onto CargoBuckle retractor
    • Built-in keeper prevents S-hook adapter strap from disconnecting
    • Mounting hardware included
  • Made of durable nylon with vinyl-coated steel S-hook

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