5 Awesome Harley Dealerships You Need to Visit

5 Awesome Harley Dealerships You Need to Visit

That said, all dealerships are not created equal as each one varies in size, sales, age, staff, and locale. While numerous dealers are great in their own rights, the following slides feature a handful of dealerships that are pretty awesome despite their vast differences.


1. Barnett’s Harley-Davidson in El Paso, TX
The old saying that “Everything is Bigger in Texas” certainly holds true for Barnett’s in El Paso, Texas. No matter which Harley model you are looking for, chances are Barnett’s will likely have several on hand to allow you to choose from an array of colors and options. With an advertised inventory always seeming to hover over 500+ motorcycles and boat loads of merchandise and apparel, one could simply spend the day drooling over bikes and stocking up on H-D goodies


2. Glendale Harley-Davidson in Glendale, CA
Home of the famed “Love Ride,” Glendale Harley-Davidson has been a family owned and operated dealership in the heart of Los Angeles since 1976. Although Glendale H-D may not have the glitz and glam normally associated with the Hollywood lifestyle, this homey dealership has been an integral part of the community and continuously strives for customer satisfaction. Not to mention, this shop regularly organizes events to take advantage of the great riding routes located just outside of the city. If you find yourself in the City of Angels, definitely check this one out.


3. House of Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee, WI
There is something special about the area in which the Harley-Davidson marque was established. House of Harley-Davidson has created a superb dealership experience in Milwaukee, WI that has been highly recognized by H-D itself. Not only does the 50,000 square foot facility feature tons of bikes, merchandise, apparel, and an outdoor event area, it also offers a backstage tour of the inner workings of the facility that can’t be found elsewhere. Another benefit of visiting House of Harley-Davidson is that the Harley museum is only 15 minutes up the road, making this a pretty nice stop for a weekend full of two-wheeled Harley-Davidson fun.


4. Bruce Rossmeyer’s Harley-Davidson in Ormond Beach, FL
Bruce Rossmeyer’s Harley-Davidson is a location in itself, coupling a 109,000 square foot dealership showroom with a hotel, restaurants, specialty stores, and bars/night clubs. The dealership sees arguably the most foot traffic of any dealership in the nation, averaging around 700 customers per day. Although bike nights are held once a week on Thursday evenings, Rossmeyer’s “Destination Daytona” is at its best during Daytona Bike week when it transforms into one of Daytona’s booming hot spots that yields visitors from across the globe.


5. Kegel Harley-Davidson in Rockford, IL
Kegel Harley-Davidson is proclaimed to be the oldest Harley motorcycle dealership still in operation.
It is said that Joe Kegel bought a bicycle dealership in 1909 and was soon approached by Harley to sell some of their new motorcycles.The rest is history as the dealership has been handed down to generations of the Kegel family. While the dealership has moved a couple of times throughout the years, they have been in their current location since 1996, which features a pretty snazzy restaurant right inside the store.









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    Doc’s Harley Shawano Wisconsin is a great place to see and Doc is a great person. Check it out you won’t be sorry

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