About Us

LoadAll is a privately owned company that has been operating out of Grand Rapids, Michigan since 2002. Our mission is to provide the most safe, efficient, durable, and versatile loading systems for pick-up trucks, able to load and transport anything able to be hauled up their ramps. 

We provide a variety of sizing options able to conform to the shape and size of every pick-up on (and off) the market to allow for a perfect fit and tailgate clearance to eliminate stress and weight on the tailgate as opposed to some other loading products. When not in use, ramps and extensions can be collapsed and stored within the platform to allow for tailgate closure as well as hitch access.

All systems are built from lightweight 6061-T6 grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel materials to allow for a maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant product able to outlast both you and your truck. Major parts - such as the platforms, ramps, and extensions - are constructed from Aluminum Extrusions, which are structured to hold up to 1,350lbs. and come with built-in traction for safe and easy loading in any weather.

Our primary goal in building and designing these products is to offer an all-in-one product that saves customers time and money by:

  • Eliminating the need for a trailer
    • No more increased MPG, trailer costs, or storing concerns
  • Keeping things simple
    • No wires or motors to worry about breaking or getting in the way - if you work, so will your ramp
  • Creating an all-in-one design
    • Whether its a couple bikes, an ATV, snowmobile or moving some appliances/furniture, these ramps will handle it - every time.
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